Safe Summer Grillin’

Summer is the season for grills and barbecues. The increase of grill usage comes with an increase in accidents related to grills too. When using your grill, make sure you’re taking the safety precautions necessary to keep your summer party safe and fun!

1. Fire Safety

When dealing with fire, it’s important to take every precaution necessary to ensure the safety of you and anyone who is near your grill.

The first important task is making sure you have a fire extinguisher close. In the case of any accidents, you need to take care of it quickly.

When dealing with fire, it’s important to know how to stop it from spreading.

2. Charcoal Safety

On average, charcoal grills cause more fires than gas grills. The biggest problem with these type of grills is lighting the charcoal.

Dealing with lighter fluid can be quite dangerous, and using too much or using it at the wrong time can cause mishaps or accident to happen.

3. Food Safety

Basic rules for food safety are: inspect everything you’re serving, keep it covered while it’s outside, keep it cool before you cook it, thoroughly heat it up, and always use your head.

Bacteria can grow at any temperature above freezing and will stay alive until it reaches 165 degrees.

4. Gas Safety

For a gas grill, you need to regularly check your gas lines, and make sure none of them are clogged up from debris, food, or bugs.

At the first sign of any trouble, you should turn off the valves, the fuel tank, and disconnect everything before you attempt to fix it.

5. Alcohol Safety

It’s important that when you’re operating a grill, you should be wary about how much alcohol you consume.

Just like when you operate a moving vehicle, you shouldn’t operate a grill under the influence of alcohol.

6. Smoke Safety

Even though there’s no way to stop smoke coming from your grill, it’s important not to breathe it directly or have it blow towards others at your barbecue.

Smoke from your grill contains carbon monoxide and other dangerous substances. It’s not healthy for your guests to be directly exposed to these chemicals.

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