Dealing With Fall Leaves

Autumn has arrived. With it comes warm days, cool nights, and lots of fall leaves drifting down into your backyard swimming pool. Below are tips for making the process as quick and easy as possible.

Removing Fall Leaves from a Pool

If leaves have found their way into your pool while it is uncovered, here’s how to remove them quickly and efficiently:

Use a pool rake to gather and remove leaves, allowing them to dry if possible before hauling them away. Ideally, you want to make two or three passes around the edge of the pool before moving inward.

After making a few passes with a leaf rake or vacuum, you may need to gently brush the bottom or sides of the pool to free any leaves stuck there before collecting them.

Removing Fall Leaves from a Pool Cover

If you have a solid or mesh safety cover or an automatic safety cover, the good news is it will help prevent fall leaves from getting into your pool. However, you will need to regularly remove leaves from on top of the cover. Here are the steps to follow:

If the leaves on your cover are dry, use a leaf blower or pool brush to move them onto the deck or into the yard, and gather them there. If the leaves on the cover are wet, you’ll want to have a leaf rake specially designed for use on pool covers. It’s an inexpensive item you can attach to the end of your pool pole.

Get Ahead of the Game

The best way to minimize the time spent dealing with leaves is to prevent them from getting into your pool or onto your cover in the first place.

You might also consider buying a leaf net. It is a lightweight net that lays on top of your pool cover. Regularly pulling it off, emptying the leaves, and repositioning it greatly simplifies the process of “leaf management.” However, you choose to keep your pool leaf-free, don’t forget to enjoy this wonderful season.

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