Swimming Pool Tricks

It’s that time again, after months of snow and cold it’s finally time to open your swimming pool for the summer. You’ve been anxiously awaiting warm enough weather to dip your toes in that cool, clear water, but your pool isn’t quite ready for swimmers yet. There’s, unfortunately, some necessary tasks and work that needs to be completed before you can open your pool for the season. If only there were some ways to make this daunting task seem easier. Luckily, we are here to help you with five time-saving tips for opening your pool.

Use your sump pump:

If you’ve had a cover on the swimming pool for the winter, chances are some water has pooled up on it. You can utilize your sump pump to drain the water off before you try to move it. This will help to eliminate excess debris from falling into your swimming pool and also make the cover much easier to move. (You can also create a siphon effect with your garden hose to remove water from the top.)

Use a leaf blower:

If you still have a lot of debris left on your cover, grab your leaf blower and send those leaves and twigs on their way!

Adjust your filter basket to catch tiny debris:

If your swimming pool is looking cloudy or filled with very small particles of leaves and other debris you can help your pool filter by stretching a piece of pantyhose over the filter basket. Then, by just running your filter for a while, you will be catching the finer particles. You can also stretch the pantyhose over your pool skimmer while you are using it. This will help you to collect the small bits and also assist in cleaning the skimmer. When the pantyhose are full, just toss away and add a new piece.

Clean your deck area first:

Always sweep and clean your decking before you begin to clean your swimming pool. Nothing will frustrate you more easily than watching leaves from your deck blow into your freshly skimmed and vacuumed pool.

Brush and Vacuum with a purpose:

When cleaning your pool make sure you start in the shallow end and work your way toward the deep end. Gravity will help to collect debris at the bottom of the deep end as you work your way in that direction.

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