Your Backyard in Winter

Winter is around the corner and, no matter how much you are dreading the cold weather, there are always ways to continue to enjoy your backyard in winter.

For many homeowners, the backyard is a staple of summer living that may fade away once the snow starts to hit, but it doesn’t have to be that way.

Winter takes away the daylight, the warmth and replaces it with a whole lot of snow. The key to enjoying your backyard in winter is to make up for what Mother Nature took away while making the most of what she provided.

Here are 4 great ways you can enjoy your backyard in winter

Find a new source of light:

In winter, the days are short and daylight is very hard to come by. You could go with a neutral holiday light set and using it all winter long. You could also consider having more permanent lighting installed in your backyard as well.

Find a new source of warmth:

With temperatures plummeting, you need heat to make your backyard more hospitable. There are a variety of options on the market that can address this concern. They include purchasing patio heaters, having a fireplace installed or even getting a hot tub, which is more affordable now than ever before. These pieces are well complemented by other winter-friendly additions such as wooden furniture and gazebos.

Enjoy the snow:

You might as well make the most of the winter by enjoying the one gift it provides that many people don’t actually mind, the snow. The opportunities for fun are limitless, whether you want to make snow angels, a snowman, or even have a snowball throwing contest (where you aim at targets, not at each other!).

Rely on winter plants:

Finally, there is still some plant life out there that can survive and thrive in winter. Additionally, head over to your local nursery to learn more about cold-resistant plants. They can add some much-needed vibrancy to your backyard this winter. Look out for Red Osier, a red winter shrub, and Purple Coneflower, a perennial. Two options that will compliment any winter garden.

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